My Carbon Footprint


I checked out my personal carbon footprint on wwf website. I recycle, I turn my lights and plug sockets off, I’m a strict vegetarian, I walk as much as I can… and yet we would still need over 3 planets if everyone lived as I do! Its my drive to work and my commute to university that’s the problem. Beyond giving up work that’s a very difficult problem for me to tackle. We nurses need our cars when we work in the community. I guess my next step would be to consider a hybrid or low emission car, but the CO2 emissions from producing a new car are so high we are advised to only buy second hand vehicles. How very confusing. More research to do on this matter I believe. I would love the ‘no work’ option but my landlord probably won’t appreciate the lack of rent being paid each month…

Apparently I need to turn the heating down in my home a bit. I love it toasty warm! As summer is approaching that should be a bit easier, and in winter I can get some lovely big jumpers and fluffy socks!! I also need to start composting my food waste.

The WWF carbon footprint calculator is short and simple and gives you an idea of what you need to change in your personal life to tackle carbon emissions. You can sign up for emails with daily suggestions too. Some top tips include:

Cut down on meat and dairy products
Reduce your car journeys for short trips, especially those under 2 miles
Eat more seasonal foods

Check it out. You might do better than you think!


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