Glorious English weather: The Rain vs Active Transport!!

We all know that using the car for short journeys is unnecessary. It would keep us healthier if we walked or cycled more. According to Sustrans, private motor emissions account for 13% of this country’s total greenhouse gas emissions, so active transport for short journeys would benefit all round. Some more key facts from Sustrans to get us thinking:

– 11% of British car journeys are less than 1 mile

– If each UK car driver made 4 out of 5 short journeys on foot, by bicycle or public transport, it would save an average of £279 per year per driver

– Most importantly for us nurses, 15,000 lives could be saved if more short journeys were made without the car.

But here’s the problem. It’s cold and it’s raining! My local Zumba class is about a mile from my house. On a lovely summer’s evening I wouldn’t hesitate to head out for a brisk walk to get to my class. However the evenings are darker and this week it has rained. Constantly.

I used my car.

I felt INSTANTLY guilty. What happened to walking the talk? So this week I have made a decision. I am walking to Zumba come rain or shine! I have dusted off the wellies and my rain mac. Will I slip up again? Probably. But isn’t the point that it’s not easy to achieve? Or we wouldn’t have a problem would we? It’s not easy to stick to these changes. But I (we) have to remind ourselves that it is worth it.

If you slip up, just try again next time.


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